Food Truck Saturday Nights – This Weekend 4/18 – Wings ‘N Waffles

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Hollywood Theatre Row is pleased to announce the introduction of Food Truck Saturday Nights.  Every week – we’ll have a different series of food trucks at different locations along Theatre Row from 7pm-10pm.  The location of the truck(s) will vary depending on the number of shows and expected audiences.

Wings n Waffles Theatre Row 041815
This week, we have Wings ‘N Waffles joining us!  Wings ‘N Waffles bring their tried and tested signature rub along with secret seasonings to serve you a one of kind wings and waffles combination from their tender seasoned chicken, perfectly cooked waffles- made just the way you want it! You’ll have plenty of options from the traditional comforting wings and waffles, to the waffle chicken sandwich, to a soul wrap and on the lighter side turkey burger or even a salad! In the mood for something savory and sweet, then the Wings n Waffles is combo is the answer for your dinner or late night snacking!

The truck can be found this weekend in the 6400 block of Santa Monica Blvd., in front of The Complex, near the corner of Wilcox Ave. (right by the valet stand).

Patrons to the theatres can come early to the show or stick around afterward to get some of the delicious food the trucks will be serving.  This is in addition to Eat This Cafe (which serves beer and wine and is your best bet if you’re looking to grab a drink before a show) which stays open until 8PM, and the Hudson Lobby Cafe, which is a great late night spot to grab coffee and a light bite.  The goal is to provide more options for audiences attending the various productions along Theatre Row.

So join us for some great food – and some great food!  We’ll see you on Saturday night along the boulevard!

Foodtrucks presented by Got FoodTrucks.

Wings ‘N Waffles – Facebook
Wings ‘N Waffles – Menu




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